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Covid-19 will shape a decade of education

Governments step up to drive the skilling agenda

Across the world, we are now seeing governments deepening their commitment to drive upskilling and reskilling for citizens through online learning—a trend born out of this crisis. Stepping up their involvement, state governments in India, including Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation, Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge, Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission and The Odisha Skills Development Authority have taken critical steps to make job-relevant online learning available to local communities, equipping impacted citizens with the skills they needed to be employable again.

A recent APAC report by the International Labour Organization and Asian Development Bank has called for “urgent, large-scale and targeted measures” by governments to keep education and training on track for impacted youth who have been harder hit than older workers. This will be crucial to protect potential gains from India’s demographic dividend.

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