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‘Cycling Grandma’ rides into the Twin Ports for a good cause

DULUTH, MN– Could you ride 3,300 miles from sea to shining sea?

Well, one woman is doing just that, and just this week, she cycled her way into the Twin Ports.

Her name is Cindy Norris, a 67-year-old grandma from Nevada.

She is aiming to ride her bike from Washington State to Delaware.

A total of 3,300 miles, and break a world record while doing it for being the oldest woman to ride coast to coast.

Norris says the record is great, but that is not why she is doing this; the real goal is to help the families of soldiers.

Her ride supports Special Operations Warrior, a foundation that provides education for the children of soldiers killed in action.

Her journey began back in July, and she hopes to wrap up in October, 1,700 miles from Duluth at Henlopen State Park, Delaware.

She says if you see her on the road, give two honks of the horn and a big wave.

For more information about Cindy and her mission, you can check out her website here.

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