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CynergisTek provides HIPAA advisory services to Blackbaud’s healthcare clients


CynergisTek announced an agreement to provide advisory support services to Blackbaud to support its healthcare customers with HIPAA compliance needs.

“We are committed to helping social good organizations succeed in their missions by providing innovative and secure technology,” said Page Bullington, president and general manager, Blackbaud Healthcare Solutions. “For the healthcare space in particular, we wanted to further expand the bench of expertise available to our customers by partnering with CynergisTek around HIPAA compliance. CynergisTek will help us advise customers on HIPAA compliance with their exceptional knowledge in this space. With their support, we will be able to enhance our efforts in providing compliance best practices to our customers that exceed regulatory compliance obligations.”

CynergisTek’s advisory support services are designed to help organizations build sustainable security and privacy programs through the development of policies and procedures, training, strategy, and remediation processes.

CynergisTek’s team of experts have extensive experience in executive level security, privacy, and compliance roles with a wealth of knowledge to help organizations understand compliance obligations, specifically around the HIPAA regulations for the use and disclosure of Personal Health Information (PHI) for philanthropic purposes.

“This is a complex regulatory environment, with more than 52 different breach disclosure laws across the nation and U.S. territories, in addition to evolving privacy regulations on top of HIPAA compliance. Combine this with a dramatically increased threat landscape, and it makes for a challenging environment for most organizations who handle PHI to navigate. We look forward to supporting Blackbaud’s customers as they enhance their compliance strategies to securely drive high-impact change,” said Caleb Barlow, CEO and president at CynergisTek.


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