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Daisy Shah on working in TV: There is a higher power controlling everything


Actor Daisy Shah recently made a move towards Indian TV with the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi and it seems like the experience was not as great as everyone talks about. The actor shares with us how it was a new experience for her, and something she was not prepared for.

Daisy Shah was part of the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi
Daisy Shah was part of the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi

“Film industry does not have an environment where everybody wants to boss around. Nobody is trying to impose their decisions on you. Every time there is a misunderstanding or a disagreement, two people sit together and come on a common ground. However, it’s very different in TV,” she shares and goes on to provide details.

“May be it was the concept of the show or TV in general, but what I have seen is they do not take actor’s consent on what they are liking and what they are not. There is a higher power controlling everything and unhone agar kuch bola toh woh waisa hi hoga. It’s annoying at times. They fail to understand that I may have a different view of it. But it’s their way of working and who am I to say things. It’s just that I have come from a different field and it was very different for me there.” she adds.

Ask her what kind of consent is she talking about and Shah explains: “After a project is completed, actors are also actively part of the process where they share their inputs as to what is looking good and what’s not. But unhone (makers) apne hisaab se kardia and the actor is dumbfound. Usko pata hi nahi hai ki kya horaha hai.”

It did not sit well with Jai Ho actor as she believes one needs to voice out their opinion. “God gave you brain for a reason. If someone is wanting them to fit in your box, that’s not right. And after the show, I have become even more vocal and opinionated. I realised that if you do not speak out for yourself, people will step on you,” she says.

While not many film actors choose to opt for TV because of the tag that comes with it, it annoys Shah. “No actor would want to do only TV or only OTT or only films. I think it’s the audience putting tags because I have never heard an actor saying they do not want to be part of a certain platform. Even with TV, they might not opt for daily soaps but I think reality shows are something that interests most people. So I don’t understand how these tags always come up,” she ends.


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