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Dalmia Cements Acquires A Massive 110 Acres Land In G Square Industrial Estate Project 

Dalmia Cements one of the country’s largest cement dealers, has apparently invested heavily in the G Square Industrial estate project. As per our sources, the decision has been made after analysing the numerous benefits that the industrial project provides.

G Square Industrial Estate has become the most talked about project within the state of Tamil Nadu. The high scale project promises to deliver 400 acres worth of industrial land to industries at a highly affordable rate. There has always been a buzz about the project within the industrial circles considering the high quality and reputable name of the G Square group. As per our sources, Dalmia Cements, one of the pioneers in homegrown cement manufacturing, has recently invested in the G Square Industrial Estate project.

If the sources are to be believed, Dalmia Cements has bought upto 110 acres worth of land within the G Square Industrial estate project. It is not difficult to see why the cement company has made such a heavy investment in the project that is located in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu. After all, Tamil Nadu is the country’s 2nd largest economy and has contributed to nearly 8.65% of India’s GDP in FY 2020. In addition to this, Arakkonam acts as the perfect industrial corridor for the industries that are a part of the project. By basing the project in Arakkonam, the industry owners have easy access to all the major cities of South India such as Chennai, Bangalore, Kanyakumari, Kochi and Coimbatore. 

Not only this, the G Square Industrial Estate project is unique in many other ways. For instance, the project provides world class connectivity to its members. The project is located close to 6 airports along with 22 major and minor seaports. Railway connectivity is also not a problem as the project is in close proximity to almost 532 railway stations. The project is also going to include a dedicated railway siding that will run directly into the project. This makes the project highly suitable for cement companies like Dalmia Cements.  Industries that need road transportation are also well protected as the project boasts of 253,510 kms of connectivity to well-constructed roads.

Arakkonam’s closeness to all the major cities also ensures that the industries will never run short of labour options. In fact, Tamil Nadu is considered to produce the best talent pool. The state provides the highest annual turnout of skilled manpower. Educated labour options are also available, as close to half a million students graduate from Tamil Nadu each year. 

The project also comes with many other benefits such as abundant water supply, power sub-stations etc. The land is work ready and comes with the necessary approvals. This will ensure that, industries can begin their manufacturing immediately. The project also comes with a fully operational helipad that functions around the clock. This makes it easier to conduct supervisions or travel in case of emergencies.


The G Square Industrial Estate project is a major feather in the cap for the state of Tamil Nadu. The state has been prioritizing an increase in manufacturing. As a result, Tamil Nadu saw an economic growth of almost 5.87% during the financial year 2021, despite the covid pandemic. Considering the numerous benefits, it comes as no surprise that successful companies like the Dalmia Cements are jumping into the investment pool. 

*The following information has been received through unofficial sources and cannot be confirmed. Neither party has accepted or denied the information that has been written.


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