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Data Tech Labs Inc to upskill 25 lakh Indians; eyes net revenue of Rs 11 crore in FY23

Technological service provider, Data Tech Labs Inc aims to upskill 25 lakh Indians free of cost under its initiative ‘AI for India’ in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and  NASSCOM, Amit Andre, CEO, Data Tech Labs Inc, told FE Education Online. The company plans to clock a net revenue of Rs 11 crore in FY23 as it expands its business to Australia. “We will soon be launching RaaS: Robotics as a Service in addition to our current services and increase our user base to 25 crore from over 81 lakh,” Andre said. 

According to Andre, Data Tech Labs Inc generated a net revenue of Rs 3.8 crore in FY22 at the back of a net profit of Rs 70 lakh. To generate revenue, the company collaborates with colleges, universities, and corporations to provide skills training to students and employees. The average ticket price for the collaboration ranges between Rs 50,000 and Rs 5 lakh per day depending on the solution offered, Andre claimed.

Data Tech Labs Inc is headquartered in New York and specialises in enterprise solutions. It runs eight different segments which includes GaaS: Gurukul as a Service. “Under this service, we support colleges, and educational institutions to get branded globally with pioneer brands such as AWS and Microsoft. We provide them internships and then place them globally,” Andre said. 

Besides, the company runs LaaS, a B2B learning platform to train employees, and KaaS, an AI based learning system, which helps candidates to learn emerging technologies and appear for AI based assessments so that their skills are certified. “Our aim is to make India the  ‘AI Capital of the World’ and for that we have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education and NASSCOM for providing free training to Indian citizens globally,” Andre said.

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