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Delivery guidance issued for retail cannabis

ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has released guidance for adult-use retail dispensaries. Licensees will soon be able receive approval to begin delivery to customers.

Currently, 36 licenses have been granted. Of those, 28 are qualifying businesses and eight are not-for-profits. According to the guidance, a warehouse must be secured to fulfill delivery orders while licensees build permanent dispensary locations.

John Kaiga, Director of Policy for the Office of Cannabis Management, explains some of the regulations.

“You can only sell to retail consumers,” he said. “Two, the orders must be placed online, so a delivery driver can’t bump into someone on the street who says I’d like to buy some cannabis and be able to run that transaction then. Everything has to be done through the retailer sales portal.”

The guidelines also state:

  • Orders can only be placed online or over the phone
  • No in-person sales or warehouse pickup
  • Online pre-payments only
  • No cash payments from cannabis consumer to delivery employee
  • Delivers can be made by bicycle, scooter or car

So, how soon can deliveries be made? OCM is hoping sales will start a couple days or weeks, once licensees submit documentation ensuring they are operating out of an appropriate location.

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