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Demand for diesel drops, petrol remains stable: Oil Ministry


New Delhi: The demand for diesel fell 2.5% in December over last year while that for petrol barely changed, according to the oil ministry data.

The consumption of diesel, which accounts for 38% of total refined products demand in the country, had contracted 3% year-on-year in November after an unusual 6% growth in the April-October period. Diesel is mainly used in long-haul transport, backup generators, mining, and farming.

Petrol sales, which make up 15% of the nation’s total refined products demand, grew just 0.2% in December after growing at 9.4% in November. During December, leisure travel rises while office commuting slows. The holiday season, however, boosted the sales of jet fuel, which grew 9.2%.

The overall sales of refined products rose 2.6% year-on-year in December, aided by the increased consumption of naphtha (27.5%), pet coke (12.6%), and bitumen (10.7%).

The sales of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), used mainly for cooking at home, rose 2.2% in December.


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