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Did Rockstar Games just reveal another GTA 6 teaser in their Moon Festival post?


Rockstar Games posted an image on social media to celebrate the Moon Festival in GTA Online, giving players a free in-game item. However, some GTA fans think that the image also contains a subtle clue about the long-awaited GTA 6.

Moon Festival for GTA Online(Rockstar Games)
Moon Festival for GTA Online(Rockstar Games)

The image shows the famous Vinewood sign in the background, but the letters “V” and “I” are more noticeable than the others.

Some fans believe that this is a deliberate hint at GTA 6, as the “VI” stands for 6 in Roman numerals.

This is not the first time that fans have seen hidden messages in Rockstar’s posts. A post marking the 10th anniversary of GTA 5 also caused a stir among the community as many thought that it also had a hint at the upcoming GTA 6.

The anniversary image showed a plane flying toward a sign that looked like “VI,” and fans quickly noticed that this could be another teaser for the next game. The community was split, with some seeing the post as a clear hint, while others dismissed it as a coincidence or stretch. However, this time, most GTA fans seem to agree that this latest social media post is an intentional hint or teaser for GTA 6.

“One of the few times I think it’s intentional,” one fan wrote.

“Ok, this actually looks like an intentional tease this time,” another wrote.

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Still, some remain doubtful, pointing out that the image was cropped on Instagram and Facebook in a way that cuts off the “VI” from view.

“The only thing that’s making me doubt this is that on Facebook and Instagram, the VI is cropped. If this was a little tease, there’s no reason to only put it on Twitter and ignore FB and Insta.,” one Redditor commented.

Whether it’s a tease or just another coincidence, it’s clear that GTA fans are hungry for any kind of news about the highly anticipated game.

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