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Digital Marketing Trends for Healthcare in 2022

In the digital age, keeping consumer promises takes more than business savvy and money. Businesses in the digital age must modernise their thought processes and operations to expand and satisfy customers. Adopting digital marketing channels instead of traditional ones can spark growth and innovation in current society.

These digital marketing innovations modernise firms and introduce a new way of doing business in the present climate.


Artificial intelligence is the process of creating intelligent, human-like computer systems (AI). AI can help businesses determine customer demand. It can track customer buying habits and help build a marketing plan. JP Morgan and Chase have adopted Persado, an AI helper for writing material, and many more will follow suit. AI is efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.


Metaverse is a shared 3D virtual universe between digital platforms and the physical world. Meta or Facebook owns it. Real and virtual worlds mix to provide a fresh and promising universal experience. Firms plan to include the Metaverse in their 2022 digital marketing plans. This is partially because new performance measures can be introduced. The marketing potential is huge, even though we haven’t hit its peak.


Livestream commerce is a new marketing notion in India, but it’s a $1 billion industry in China. Brands promote live on social media, and viewers can buy the products. With Instagram Shop’s “Show Now” option, marketers can save customers’ time with live video. Livestream commerce is one of the top digital marketing trends for 2022 since it converts viewers into purchases faster.


Using computer-generated perceptual data, augmented reality makes a real-world environment interactive.

It has 3 parts:

Interactive real-time

Real and virtual merge

Real and virtual item 3D registration

Despite virtual reality’s sci-fi ideals, augmented reality is more marketable. AR will continue to surpass VR, say experts. As technology advances, brands will learn more about AR applications.

Buying programmes

Digital ads are bought programmatically using software. Instead of human discussion, programmatic buying uses algorithms and machines. AI automates programmatic advertising to better target customers. Real-time bidding provides for faster and more accurate programmatic ad targeting. Individual ads can be purchased and sold, ensuring that only target-market users see them. Given its rapid growth, programmatic advertising is expected to dominate display advertising in the future years.

Optimizing voice search

Consumers use smart gadgets to interact with brands and study information. According to estimates, 50% of searches are voice searches. Voice commands are getting increasingly popular as voice recognition technology improves. Voice Search, a 2014 smartphone function, is exploding this year for many reasons. Smart speakers are popular. 20% of households have Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Voice-activated gadgets show how people are adapting to new technology.

Google claims voice search accuracy of 95%. Voice search is more useful with better results. Due to greater precision that better fits your requests and the ease of using your voice to get results, the process is now more individualised and entertaining.

Voice search results could account for half of all internet transactions by 2023. Digital marketers may make $40 billion. Multiple evidence point to the arrival of voice search, so make sure your website is ready.

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