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Dinkum: How to Get Cement

You’ll need Bags of Cement in Dinkum to build structures like the Museum. However, it’s not immediately apparent what you need to do to get a Bag of Cement or where to find them. It’s not tough to craft this item, but there are some prerequisites you’ll have to meet first.

How to get Bags of Cement in Dinkum

Unlike Tin Sheets, you can’t just find cement out anywhere. To get a Bag of Cement in Dinkum, you need to grind stone in a Stone Grinder. However, you’ll need to put a little work in before you can get access to this device.

First, you’ll need to play until Fletch unlocks the ability to purchase licenses. Once she does that, you can buy the Mining License for 250 Permit Points. Once you’ve obtained it, head over to John’s store, and pick up the Basic Pickaxe for 1,200 Dinks.

Once you have a pickaxe, you can break rocks to obtain stone and ore. You’ll want to put it to use since you’ll need to build John’s Shop, and you’ll need Tin to do so,

Once John’s Shop is operational, you’ll notice his inventory has expanded. One of the new items he carries is the Stone Grinder. This handy tool will be your source of Bags of Concrete, and at 10,000 Dinks, it’s a steal.

To use the Stone Grinder, place it on the ground. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to mine rocks for stone. These are easy to tell apart from rocks that contain ore as they’re plain looking.

The ratio of rock to stone to cement is 1:1:1. So, every piece of stone will give you one Bag of Cement when you grind it.

That’s how to get Bags of Concrete in Dinkum. It’s an item that’s used in many building construction projects, so be ready to manufacture some any time you lay a deed down.

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