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Discover Mirage Island in Blox Fruits: Guide to finding the rewarding mystery

Blox Fruits is a game full of secrets waiting to be uncovered, some of which may be less significant, while others may yield great rewards. Mirage Island is one such mystery, and it is essential for race awakening. This Blox Fruits guide will provide you with the necessary information to locate Mirage Island and unlock its treasures.

How to spawn Mirage Island?

To spawn Mirage Island in Blox Fruits, you must be aboard a ship sailing on the sea. Navigate to the middle of the sea, where there is open space. Once you have reached the appropriate location, keep your camera horizontal, since the island will appear in front of you. It may take several attempts, but eventually, the island will manifest. Do not worry about the time of day, as Mirage Island can appear during either day or night.

Concentrate solely on keeping your camera level and ensuring that there are no other islands in front of the boat, allowing Mirage Island to materialise. Remember that you must be in the Third Sea of Blox Fruits, as Mirage Island is exclusive to this sea. If you are sailing in the first or second sea, it will never emerge.

What can you do on Mirage Island?

Mirage Island has many unique features that are not available anywhere else in the game. The first is the Advanced Blox Fruits dealer, who will offer different fruits than the regular dealer, increasing your chances of obtaining legendary fruits like Light or Shadow.

Another feature of Mirage Island is the awakening material called Blue Gear, which only spawns during a full moon. If you are specifically looking for this material, you can server hop and try to reach Mirage Island during a server where there is a full moon.

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