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E-Commerce Firm UpScalio Registers 5X Increase in Sales

UpScalio, a roll-up e-commerce company, has reported stellar results at this year’s Prime Day, Amazon India’s flagship sale. The company operates thirteen utility brands across furniture, computer accessories, auto accessories, kitchen appliances, bags, shoes, and more.

Across the portfolio, UpScalio brands registered a 5X increase in sales. This result gives UpScalio a great start to a demanding quarter where offline stores are opening up to full capacities and customers are venturing out to shop. Despite these limiting factors, most of UpScalio’s brands have delivered 2-4X increases over last year’s results.

Its products have garnered immense customer love, as seen from results on Prime Day. 9 out of 10 top laptop sleeves sold on Amazon were from Aircase, and 8 out of the top 10 chairs sold were manufactured by Green Soul Ergonomics, both are brands operated by UpScalio. Green Soul, in fact, outpaced category growth by 50 percent and registered a 6X increase over July sales.

Dinesh Vardhan, Co-Founder, Aircase said, “Along with Aircase, our four brands have on average increased sales by 3X compared to last year. Our partnership with UpScalio has proved to be an incredible success, and the Prime Day results are another marker of that.”

Pranay Sehgal, Co-Founder, Polestar stated, “This was an exciting weekend, keeping track of the volumes we were selling in real-time. Touching a record high of units sold was an exhilarating experience, and I have complete faith in UpScalio to keep setting newer records in the months to come.”

Other UpScalio brands such as Autofurnish, Truphe, Homepuff, Hestia, Trase, and Polestar showed increases of 70 percent to 700 percent in sales for Prime Day. 

Gautam Kshatriya, Co-Founder and CEO, UpScalio added, “The entire team of UpScalio deserves complete credit for our performance this year. Each department from the category, to marketing, to supply chain, came together seamlessly to prepare and produce this incredible result. We’re glad to have had such an explosive start to the sale quarter, and I’m extremely optimistic about the months to come.”

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