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Ecocem launches ACT alternative materials cement product

Ireland: Ecocem has announced the launch of ACT, an alternative materials-based cement ingredient capable of reducing the CO2 emissions of cement production by 70%. The developer says that any existing cement plant can produce ACT at comparatively low cost. The technology is globally scalable, and Ecocem expects to achieve full commercial availability across its Benelux, France, Ireland and UK markets by 2025.

Ecocem managing director Donal O’Riain said “We are eager to work closely with the cement industry and with policymakers to support the scaling and development of a new generation of low-carbon cements. Current policy priorities on decarbonising cement have now been overtaken by technology. Fully effective deployment of ACT requires policymakers to provide effective support well beyond their traditional emphasis on CCUS as the core cement decarbonisation technology.”

Ecocem’s investors include France-based building products company Saint-Gobain and US-based Breakthrough Energy Investments.

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