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eCommerce Is Changing: Krissy Mashinsky Wants to Make Sure It’s for the Better

Supporting local businesses has become one of the top priorities for the younger generations as part of a shift in consumer decision-making. Gen Zers and Millennials are looking beyond tangibility and choosing to focus on corporate responsibility. However, with tech giants like Amazon dominating the eCommerce industry and being at the center of multiple controversies, consumers find their options limited.

Fortunately, eCommerce platforms are emerging to provide an alternative for consumers who care about areas like sustainability, ethical manufacturing, authenticity, and supporting local businesses. One of these is USA Strong, a platform and community envisioned by Krissy Mashinsky that focuses on curating, selling, and verifying merchandise manufactured in the United States.

As a veteran in the fashion and retail industry, Krissy has established herself as a leader and expert when it comes to marketing and supply-chain management. Her experience includes being a founding member and Global President of Free People, President of URBN, Wholesale (Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie’s parent company), Executive Director for BCBG Max Azria, and Marketing Manager. She would pour all of this experience and passion into launching USA Strong back in 2020 with the mission to get everyone to buy products made in the US.

For Krissy, the reason to buy local is simple: Not only does it support small and medium businesses but also ensures quality control and ethical practices. USA Strong allows consumers and sellers to verify the authenticity of all products offered in the marketplace by using “Strong Blockchain”, providing “ultimate verification”.

While USA Strong (usastrong.IO) has a strong focus on its marketplace, its true purpose goes beyond the commercial aspect. By offering features like “ StrongTV, Local Friday”, USA Strong provides entrepreneurs with a means to have their products featured, while consumers can educate themselves on a variety of topics while also supporting sellers. 

When it comes to the marketplace, USA Strong distinguishes itself by leaving complex fee structures aside and setting a 20% operational fee on all sales. Not only is this fee lower than those charged by the industry’s leader but also removes complex calculations that make it harder for new entrepreneurs to operate.

As a female entrepreneur, Krissy is aware of the challenges most women must face succeeding in an increasingly competitive industry. For this reason, Krissy is especially proud of the fact that 70% of all merchants using the platform are women.  When combined with the fact that 60% of all merchants have a charitable arm to their businesses, it is clear that USA Strong is fulfilling its purpose.

With Amazon facing more backlash by the day and antitrust efforts gaining ground, USA Strong has become one of the most popular platforms among the young. No one can deny that eCommerce is the future… It is up to consumers and entrepreneurs like Krissy to ensure that it is the best future possible.

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