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Economic Survey: Telangana stands third in SDG target in reducing MMR

According to the Economic Survey 2022-23, Telangana ranked third among eight States which achieved the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target to reduce Maternal Mortality Rate to less than 70 per lakh live births by 2020. The States include Kerala (19), Maharashtra (33), Telangana (43), Andhra Pradesh (45), Tamil Nadu (54), Jharkhand (56), Gujarat (57) and Karnataka (69).

In terms of out of pocket expenditure as percentage of total health expenditure for 2019-19, Telangana stood at ninth position with 48 % being the State’s out of pocket expenditure. The lowest OOPE was in Karnataka (33.3 %) and the highest was in Uttar Pradesh (71.3 %). Andhra Pradesh ranked fifth highest with 63.2 % expenditure.

In the government health expenditure as percentage of total health expenditure, Telangana is positioned at number 10 in the country with 40.9 % being government health expenditure. The lowest spending was by Uttar Pradesh (24.8 %) and the highest spending was by Uttarakhand (61 %). Andhra Pradesh (31.7 %) has the fifth lowest spending on the government health budget.

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