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Educational Needs Assessment Report – Provision of Education Emergency Services to Affected Schools of Bayt Alfaqih District – Hodiedah Governorate, September – October 2020 – Yemen


Al-Hodeidah Governorate is one of the most hard-hit areas by the crisis of war in Yemen. All life sectors and infrastructure in all its districts have severely affected. One of those pivot sectors is education which represents one of the most challenging problems today in Yemen generally and in Hodiedah on particular.

After years of escalating conflict, the Yemeni people continue to bear the burdens of continued hostilities and severe economic decline. The western coast of Yemen remains one of the highest displacement rates at present, as military escalation on the West Coast has forced hundreds of people to flee to nearby areas of districts around the western coast far from the conflict, such as Bayt Alfaqih, Alganawis, Alzaidiah, Almunirah, Aldhahi, Bajil and others. Ongoing war situation and armed conflicts, along with cultural beliefs, and increasing poverty levels have combined to reduce children’s attainment of education in Yemen. For those that do attend school, they do so in schools with too few resources and insufficient space

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