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Entertainment News | Find out Why YouTuber Armaan Malik is Getting Massive Backlash on Social Media

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 10 (ANI): YouTube vlogger Armaan Malik has been receiving a lot of engagement on his social media, and not the good kind.

The digital content creator had recently shared a series of images with his two pregnant wives on Instagram.

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“My family,” the social media influencer wrote in the caption.

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The photos included Armaan, dressed in an orange shirt along with his wives Kritika and Payal, who both were seen flaunting their baby bumps. However, the happy family images did not go down well with netizens, with numerous users resorting to trolling the YouTuber for a number of reasons. Many complained that he posted more snaps with his wife Kritika as compared to Payal.

“Why you always show love towards kritika more and payal less yeh jawab bhi nhi deta (he doesn’t even respond),” one user complained.

“Why always u will take pics with krithika only why not with payal also,” another user wrote.

“How can people support these stupid people,” yet another user wrote.

Meanwhile, others found humour in the announcement and cracked jokes about it. However, some users also left positive comments with heart emojis, congratulating the family of three. Armaan has since limited the comments on the post. (ANI)

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