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ET Campus Stars 6.0: Here’s what the winners of past editions of ETCS have to say about the program

The ET Campus Stars program, a flagship initiative of the has today become a highly coveted platform for students to showcase their talents and unlock career opportunities. Over the past five editions, the ET Campus Stars program has produced numerous winners who have gone on to achieve great success in their respective fields. So far, the program has seen participation from over 2 lakh engineering students from 2000+ engineering colleges across the country with a total of 406 students as winners.

The program is aimed at not only recognising the top engineering talent in the country but also at fostering the spirit of innovation amongst the young minds of the country. By exposing them to real world scenarios and evaluating them on 35 different parameters, this program helps to provide an added validation to the student’s resume and career besides also giving a boost to their personality. The 6th edition of the ET Campus Stars program has Skill Lync as the Upskilling Partner, Sabre as the Technology Partner, EIT InnoEnergy as Sustainable Energy Partner, Think Exam as Assessment Partner, Study 24×7 as Learning Partner and Bennett University as Knowledge Partner.

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A unique feature of the ET Campus Stars program is the ‘Meet the Jury’ round that gives the students an opportunity to connect and interact with some of the top startup, tech and business leaders in the country. Daisy Chittilapilly, President, Cisco India & SAARC; Ashwin Damera, Co-founder and CEO, Eruditus & Emeritus; Kailash Nadh, Chief Technology Officer, Zerodha; Shailendra Katyal, Managing Director, Lenovo India P Ltd, and Prof. Dr. Frank Gielen, Executive Board Member And Education Director, EIT InnoEnergy, are among the many prestigious names on the ET Campus Stars 6.0 jury panel.

Let’s now have a look at what some of the past winners of ET Campus Stars program have to say about their experiences through the different phases of the ETCS program and how it has helped shape their careers. From the challenges they faced during the competition to the valuable insights they gained from the jury members, let’s hear from on how this initiative has made a significant impact on their professional journeys.

Freya Vora (KJ Somaiya Institute of Engineering & Information Technology – Mumbai), Winner ET Campus Stars 5.0
Freya Vora of K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering was one of the top 91 students who made it to the ET Campus Stars Class of 2022. Talking about her experience at the program, Vora said that the rigorous process of the ET Campus Stars assessment process helped boost her confidence besides also adding a lot of domain knowledge to her professional journey. She further adds that the once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with top CXOs was an amazing benefit of this program.

Vasundhara Shukla (LNM Institute of Information Technology- Jaipur), Winner ET Campus Stars 4.0
Vasundhara Shukla of LNM Institute of Information Technology- Jaipur was among the top 87 candidates who appeared for ET Campus Stars 4.0 and made it to the winners list of ET Campus Stars Class of 2021. While sharing her experience of the program Shukla said that it was an enriching and a holistic experience. She further added that the platform provided her an amazing opportunity to learn a lot from the panelists as well as from the fellow participant’s.

Arya Razdan (Indian Institute of Technology – Dhanbad), winner ET Campus Stars 4.0
Arya Razdan of Indian Institute of Technology – Dhanbad) was one of the winners of the ET Campus Stars 4.0. Sharing his experience of the program Razdan said ”Being a part of the program and emerging as a winner, I can see something out of the 40,000 or 50,000 students who participated coming in the top 100 or top 80, or 90, whosoever got as the winners, it was a big achievement. It is a big recognition. It was an experience of an officer not being the winner, but participating and coming at the different stages in the program, that was itself, in itself a very great experience.”

Varun Kabra (Manipal Institute of Technology), Winner ET Campus Stars ETCS 4.0
Varun Kabra of Manipal Institute of Technology was one of the top 87 students who had qualified as winners of the 4th edition of the ET Campus Stars Initiative. Talking about his experience of the program Kabra said “I had an interesting experience being a part of ET campus stars program. And that’s because every round that I had gone through was unique in its own way. And each of them requires a different approach. It challenged me to come out of my comfort zone and strive to achieve more. And I’m honored to have received this title, and will definitely go a long way in backing my profile wherever I go.”

Yash Chopra (Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering – Mumbai), Winner ET Campus Stars 4.0
Another bright star of ET Campus Stars Class of 2021 was Yash Chopra of Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering – Mumbai. He said that ET Campus Stars is a great platform for students to learn new things. Chopra further added that what is even more interesting about the program is the way in which it inspires learning throughout the different phases of the program. He also appreciated the opportunity to connect and network with fellow engineering students across the country that the ETCS program presents for the students.

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