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Exclusive: Singer King calls it a ‘dream come true’ moment as he gears up to perform at IPL closing ceremony

All eyes are on the IPL final between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings tomorrow (May 28), but singer-songwriter King has a whole different reason to be stoked. The Maan Meri Jaan hitmaker will perform at the star-studded closing ceremony of the summit clash.

Singer King will be performing at the IPL closing ceremony

“It’s a dream come true,” beams King, for whom this is the “highest point” in his career, adding, “In my eyes, this is much above my songs topping charts and garnering numbers.”

Eagerly looking forward to showcasing his talents on this prestigious occasion, he tells us in an exclusive chat, “I’ve grown up with cricket…. it’s in my DNA like every other Indian, and it makes me extremely proud to be a part of this celebration of the sport. It’s also a big moment as an independent artiste to be able to perform in front of the entire country at an event of this stature.”

For the performance, which is expected to be 12 minutes long, the singer will perform a medley of some of his hits.

“I will tell a little story through my songs. I would want them to be a surprise as of now, but Maan Meri Jaan will surely be there,” he shares.

Asked if an opportunity like this brings in more excitement or nervousness, and he quips, “Excitement has definitely overpowered nervousness. Also, Ahmedabad has always given me immense love, so it’s the best feeling to go back to the city.”

Apart from his performance, King is also excited to be on the same stage as several other artistes who are performing at the IPL closing ceremony.

“One of my mentors, Nucleya is going to be there and I’m really looking forward to his gig. Also, the shining Kohinoor of Indian Hip Hop, Divine is gracing the stage mid-innings. I am lucky that I will be experiencing all these great moments live,” says King.

Though an avid cricket lover, King reveals that he has never watched an IPL match live till date: “But I will be able to tick off that wish from my bucket list now. For that alone, I am super excited.”

As he wraps up, the singer shares his “innumerable” cherished cricket memories, and says, “From watching Sachin (Tendulkar) play his game to (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni changing the face of present cricket, (Virat) Kohli filling up the stadium with excitement because of his inning and this season, watching Shubman Gill, it all has been a pleasure.”

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