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Fans trend #WeWantChinmayiBack after Chinmayi talks about dubbing ‘ban’ on social media | Tamil Movie News


Singer Chinmayi, who has been battling an unofficial ‘ban’ by the South Indian Cine, Television Artistes and Dubbing Artistes Union (popularly known as the dubbing union), has found support from fans, who have begun to trend the hashtag #WeWantChinmayiBack to ensure that the singer gets opportunities to dub for films.

On Sunday, Chinmayi held a marathon session on Twitter’s new feature, Spaces. In addition to interacting with fans, she also took song requests from them and sang songs in various languages, including Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. She also performed a medley of numbers on her own, winning many listeners.

During this session that went on for seven hours, when a few fans wished for her to speak a few lines that she has dubbed for actress Samantha in her films, Chinmayi also spoke about how she has been blacklisted by the dubbing union for calling out its president, actor Radha Ravi, in the wake of the #MeToo movement. She also remarked that despite the court staying the dubbing union’s decision to remove her, on the charge that she had failed to pay her membership fees, the body was still preventing her from working in the industry.

Chinmayi also thanked director PS Mithran, who, she noted, had chosen to ignore the unofficial diktat and roped her in to dub, for Kalyani Priyadarshan’s character in Hero, during the last couple of years.

Following these revelations, fans started trending the hashtag #WeWantChinmayiBack, demanding justice for the singer, who has been an important figure in the #MeToo movement in India. The hashtag soon became one of the top trends on the social media platform. It remains to be seen if the Tamil film industry will take note of this and act upon it.


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