At a time when microbes are threatening the very existence of mankind, creating an infection-free living environment has become a matter of serious concern.

Conventional sanitization techniques using toxic chemicals or gases provide only temporary reprieve and cannot destroy the viruses totally. Besides manual operation cannot guarantee complete disinfection and moisture in the surface can help fungi grow again. Moreover, excessive inhalation of chemicals can be hazardous to one’s health.

Spartan has been into existence in the field of engineering for last 50 years. It is a brand to reckon with, when it comes to construction equipment manufacturing. It is an ISO & CE certified company with full fledged state-of the-art-manufacturing facility at Atgaon & Bhiwandi, Mumbai.

Spartan has won many national & international awards for corporate & manufacturing excellence. It boasts of inhouse R&D department where the equipment across the world are studied and innovative and modern equipment are designed.

Ultraviolet light was discovered more than 200 years ago. It was first used for disinfecting surfaces and 1877 for water in 1910 and for air in 1935. It was discovered because of its antimicrobial antibacterial properties.

Ultraviolet light is grouped into three categories based on the lights wavelength. There’s ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B and ultraviolet C. The sun produces all three types of UV radiation, but we only experience A and B on Earth’s surface. UVC does not penetrate the clouds, so it doesn’t hit us here on Earth. UVC, which sits at 200 to 280 nanometres, is in the germicide old disinfecting range.

Ultraviolet light is effective against many different kinds of viruses, many types of bacteria and even some very hardy bacteria that can produce spores with thick coatings on them.

UVC has been known for more than 100 years now to be really good at killing microbes, bacteria and viruses. Both ultraviolet light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes gamma rays, X rays, infrared light, microwaves& visible light radio waves.

UV light damages the DNA and RNA of microorganisms and prevent them from infecting. UV damages their DNA or RNA as is often the case in viruses which stops them from replicating. Over time, the germs’ cells die and break down.

UV light is non-flammable and can be used on surface with any temperature and on any electrical items. UV-C is a dry sanitization hence it can be used on any type of surfaces like fabric, paper, electrical and electronic item like computer, power socket, mobile TV etc.

UV disinfection is the most affordable sanitization method. It has low initial capital cost as well as reduced operating expenses when compared to similar technologies such as liquid sanitization.

A one-time investment in UV light disinfection technology can save you time and money for years and since the unit can operate autonomously when installed you don’t have the associated labor cost and

chemical cost, which is very high. Annual lamp replacement and electrical consumption comprise the operating costs of UV disinfection.

UV eliminates or reduces the immediate safety threat of chlorine gas without creating new long term costs associated with chemicals, transportation & delivery. Costs for leak response, administration,

risk management and emergency planning and operator training are minimized and/or eliminated with UV

Spartan make UV Sterilization products Designed and manufactured as per IEC 61010-1, Spartan UV sterilization products are `CE’ certified by reputed certification agency Eurotech from reputed  certification agency Eurotech Assessment & Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. Which has accreditation from IABCBL (International Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies and Laboratories). CE Certification and NABL Test Reports

Spartan UV products tested for various performance and safety test at NABL lab ITC India.

  • Screw Torque test
  • Earth continuity Test
  • Relative Humidity preconditioning
  • Dielectric strength tests
  • Cord anchorage test
  • Stability tests
  • Static test
  • Impact test
  • Drop test
  • Protection against the spread of fire
  • Temperature Test
  • Ball pressure Test

Spartan has a range of products especially designed by keeping specific operation in mind. Spartan provides the following products for safety & security of multiple applications:

1. Spartan UV iRobot

2. Spartan UV Cabinet Sterilizer

3. Spartan UV Blaster

4. Spartan UV Box Sterilizers

5. Spartan UV Ambulance

6. Spartan UV Elevators

7. Spartan UV Tunnel

8. Spartan UV Portable Boxes

9. Spartan UV Air Sterilizer