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Ferrari pledges more unique cars with pure electric powertrain

Ferrari to launch its first-ever EV in 2025.

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19 Jun 2022, 10:02 AM

Ferrari is planning to launch a massive EV offensive in coming years.

Ferrari has said that it will get more opportunities to make unique cars with electric powertrain technology. The car brand has already announced that pure electric and hybrid models will make up 80 per cent of Ferrari’s total sales by 2030. It has vowed to make more unique cars while making its transition towards cleaner and greener powertrain technology.

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Also, Ferrari chairman John Elkann has said that everything the company will do, will always focus on being distinctively Ferrari. “Electrification will allow us to make even more unique cars,” he further added while talking about the automaker’s future business strategy.

While the European auto industry has pledged to ditch the internal combustion engines from 2035, it is an even bigger challenge for the sportscar brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini who are known for equipping their exotic cars with mammoth petrol-guzzling engines and delivering insane high performance. While adopting the electric powertrain technology, they have to make sure the high-performance character of their future cars remains intact.

Ferrar has confirmed that it will launch the first-ever all-electric model in 2025, which is going to be one of the 15 new models the automaker has planned to introduce between 2023 and 2026. The Italian car marquee expects fully electric cars to make up five per cent of sales in 2025 and 40 per cent in 2030. Hybrid models on the other hand should see a rise in sales to 55 per cent in 2025 from 20 per cent in 2021, before dropping to 40 per cent in 2030, expects the automaker.

In order to make its fully electric cars distinctively Ferrari, the automaker has planned to develop its own proprietary electric motors, inverters and battery modules on a new assembly line at its Maranello plant in Italy. The automaker also said that it would outsource the non-core components.

Overall, the carmaker has claimed that it will adopt electrification as it is the need of time, but that will not change the DNA of the automaker and its products.

First Published Date: 19 Jun 2022, 10:02 AM IST

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