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Former Bond girl Eva Green set to get $1 million as ‘unpaid fee’ for failed film | Hollywood

Eva Green has won a case over due payment for the failed movie “A Patriot.” London’s High Court gave the decision in her favour which would ensure her a $1 million fee for the film.

Eva Green(Getty Images)

Green had sued the production company White Lantern over unpaid fees. She claimed that under her “pay or play” contract she was was still owed her fee, which was being held in escrow by her agent, even though the movie had fallen apart. Production on the film was halted in October 2019 due to financial issues for which the makers had even taken a loan.

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However, White Lantern together with film finance company Sherborne Media Finance, which took over White Lantern once the movie fell apart, had filed a counter-case against her for making “excessive creative and financial demands”. But Justice Michael Green, who presided over the case, gave the verdict in Green’s favor and dismissed the counter-suit.

After winning the case, Green said that the company had tried to suppress her and made false allegations against her.

“I am proud that I stood up against their bully-boy tactics,” said Green.

She also highlighted that the reporting of the case took a toll on her as she found it to be “painful and damaging”. Green said that public revelation of her derogatory WhatsApp texts to the film’s production staff, was humiliating.

Justice Michael ruled that her messages stemmed from “a genuine feeling of concern that any film made under producer Jake Seal’s control would be of very low quality”.

“Ms Green made it clear that she did not want to make the film under Mr Seal’s full control; and the defendants were only interested in recovering SMC’s loan,” said Justice Michael.

Green had starred in the James Bond movie “Casino Royale”.

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