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GHMC to lay VDCC roads in Karwan

Hyderabad: As the BT roads were washed away turning the condition of roads from bad to worse in the recent rains, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) will lay vacuum dewatered cement concrete (VDCC) roads in various stretches in Karwan to ensure free flow of traffic and avoid water stagnation,.

Contractors are replacing cement with sand in the concrete mix used to lay roads, resulting in cement road breaking up. Even the roads which were recently laid with an action plan have also been damaged after the heavy rains. By adopting the technology to improve roads, the GHMC has intensified efforts in laying VDCC roads across the city.

According to the officials, to avoid rainwater stagnation and ensure longevity, the corporation had decided to lay VDCC roads in various stretches in areas including Karwan, Nampally, Santosh Nagar, Malakpet, Chandrayangutta, Shalibanda, Hussainialam, and other various stretches in parts of Old city.

Karwan MLA Kausar Mohiuddin met GHMC Khairtabad zonal commissioner and represented to lay the VDCC and BT roads across the Karwan assembly constituency, and the roads were sanctioned in the areas including Tolichowki, Hakeempet, Golconda, Katora Houz, and Golf course with around five km stretch. As per GHMC, 146 km VDCC roads will be laid across the city.

Total 448 works costing Rs 158 crore were taken up across six zones in the Greater Hyderabad limits. “VDCC roads will be laid in small lengths where there is water stagnation. However, we have done a lot of patches of work recently. The VDCC roads have many advantages over the normal cement concrete road with better strength, durability and no pothole formation,” added the GHMC official.

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