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GoKwik news: GoKwik launches solutions for peak sale period traffic for D2C brands


GoKwik, an e-commerce enabler, said it has created deeper solutions to manage high order volumes during peak sale periods for direct-to-consumer brands during the festive season.

The company has developed a mechanism designed to ensure seamless order processing, even when brands experienced high demand. In addition, it enhanced checkout efficiency by streamlining the entire process of creating orders and making payments for customers by using fewer API requests.

“There’s a common issue called “429 errors” that is prevalent during festive sales or flash sales events. This usually occurs when an eCommerce brand receives more requests than the API rate limit set by the platform on which it’s built. This usually happens when there is a sudden surge of traffic on the website. As a result, some customers may encounter delays or experience issues while browsing or placing orders on the website,” said Chirag Taneja, co-founder and CEO, GoKwik.

For instance, learning from a previously run flash sale in April of 2023, beauty and personal care brand Pilgrim anticipated a surge in online traffic and sales during its birthday sale event. GoKwik helped Pilgrim tackle the issue and effectively manage high order volumes in their recent 5-day flash sales last month.

GoKwik advised Pilgrim to increase the API rate limit to accommodate the expected surge in traffic. APR rate limit is the number of API requests a platform can handle per second. The company enabled a fivefold increase in the maximum number of requests the system could receive, going from 20 requests per second to 100 requests per second, ensuring that the website processed a higher volume of customer requests while maintaining stability.

The festive season in India starts with Onam and covers Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali and Bhai Dooj. According to Axis My India consumer sentiment index, about 22% consumers plan to increase their expenses on clothing. Overall household spending has increased for 58% of the families, a 2% rise from the last two months and the highest increase in the last five months, the report said.GoKwik said it is playing a critical role in managing downtime errors which can result in customer escalations and revenue loss for the brand. The company is working closely with many brands in its network to build such capabilities on KwikCheckout to help them maximize their revenue potential from the festive sales events.


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