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Google rolls out ‘Magic Compose’, powered by Bard. Here’s what this tool does

At its recent I/O 2023 event, Google introduced ‘Magic Compose,’ an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool that assists users in creating text messages. Now, the tech giant has rolled out Magic Compose, doing so exclusively for users in the United States.

Google’s ‘Magic Compose’ feature (Image courtesy: Google)

What is Magic Compose?

According to Google, it is an ‘experimental feature within the Messages by Google app. It crafts stylised, suggested responses with the context of your messages.’

How does Magic Compose work?

For this, Google has incorporated its AI chatbot, Bard, into Magic Compose. Bard, too, made its debut in earlier this year, in March.

Magic Compose: Features

(1.) For now, the tool will send up to 20 previous messages to Google’s servers, which, in turn will generate suggestions to start a conversation, or reply to a conversation, or to rewrite a drafted message in different styles.

(2.) It must be noted, however, that messages with attachments, voice messages, and images are not sent to servers; only the ones with image captions and voice transcriptions are.

(3.) There are seven different styles that Magic Compose rephrases the text in: Chill, Excited, Formal, Lyrical, Remix, Shakespeare, and Short.

(4.) The feature is specifically designed for RCS (Rich Communication Services) within the Messages app; to access it, users must enable it through the app’s Settings menu.

(5.) Once enabled, Magic Compose can be accessed from the pencil icon in the text field. Also, it neither stores the message nor uses them to train machine learning models.

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