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Google’s Bard AI tool now available for Workspace accounts as well

Bard, Google’s conversational AI-powered chatbot announced in February and launched in March, is now available for Google Workspace accounts as well, the tech giant has announced.

Google announced Bard in February and launched it in March (Image courtesy: Google)

“Google Workspace admins can now enable Bard for their domains, allowing their users to access it using their Workspace accounts. You can now use Bard to help with work, research, or other business needs, when signed into your administrator-enabled Workspace account,” it said in a blog post on Friday.

In a separate blog post, also on Friday, the company explained how Workspace admins will be able to activate user access for Bard, stating that this can be done in the Admin console under Apps> Additional Google Services> Early Access Apps.

“At first, Bard will be the only service managed by the Early Access Apps control. Over time, we may be adding other services under this control,” mentioned the separate post.

What does this mean?

When launched, the AI tool was available only for people with personal Google accounts. Now, however, it is accessible on Workspace too, and the control to enable or disable Bard will be activated in those countries too, where it is yet to be launched.

Also, it must be note that Bard is separate from the AI-powered innovations Google says it is developing for Workspace.

Google Workspace

Released in October 2020, it stores all of Google productivity apps in one place. These include Gmail, Drive, Docs, Meet, and more.

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