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NEW DELHI: The civil aviation ministry on Thursday said that under the DigiYatra process, air passengers’ data is stored in their own devices and there is no centralised storage of information.

DigiYatra is a biometric boarding system using facial recognition technology to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for passengers at airports.

“Under DigiYatra, passengers’ data is stored in their own device and not in centralised storage. In the DigiYatra process, there is no central storage of passengers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data.

“All the passengers’ data is encrypted and stored in the wallet of their smartphone. It is shared only between the passenger and the airport of travel origin, where the passenger’s DigiYatra ID needs to be validated,” the release said.

The ministry also said the data is purged from the airport’s system within 24 hours of departure of the flight.

“The data cannot be used by any other entity since it is encrypted,” it added.

In the first phase, DigiYatra facility has been introduced at three airports — Delhi, Bengaluru and Varanasi.

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