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GreedyGame to Participate in Three Major US Tech Events in May 2023

New Delhi, 12th May 2023: GreedyGame, a leading ad-tech platform that helps app and website publishers monetize, acquire users, maximize revenue, and gain valuable insights, is thrilled to announce its participation in three significant events taking place in the United States in May 2023. The GreedyGame team will be present at Programmatic I/O, GamesBeat Summit, and MAU 2023, where they will showcase their cutting-edge offerings and demonstrate how they can benefit both publishers and advertisers.

“We are excited to participate in these three major events in the US and showcase our innovative solutions,” said Arpit Jain, CEO and Founder at GreedyGame. He further added, “Our team is dedicated to providing publishers and advertisers with top-notch solution-driven tools that drive revenue and deliver exceptional user experiences. We come with a track record of working with global premium demand in both local and global markets, which gives us a unique edge in bolstering unsold ad inventory, resulting in a significant increase in revenue for developers.”

Programmatic I/O, organized by Ad Exchanger will be held in Las Vegas from May 15th to 17th, 2023. At this event, GreedyGame’s team will highlight their flagship platform ‘PubScale.’ Publishers and advertisers can discover how PubScale can optimize revenue and enhance user acquisition campaigns. With easy technology integration, GreedyGame empowers businesses to increase their ad revenue by up to 40% and achieve an average fill rate of 95%.

GamesBeat Summit, an influential gathering of industry leaders, will take place in Los Angeles from May 22nd to 23rd. GreedyGame will showcase its solutions for in-game advertising, illustrating how it can effectively monetize games for publishers. By leveraging GreedyGame’s expertise, developers can maximize their revenue streams while providing a seamless and engaging experience for gamers.

MAU Vegas, a premier event focusing on innovative learning and networking opportunities with top mobile brands, will be hosted in Las Vegas from May 23rd to 25th, 2023. At this event, GreedyGame will present its advanced mobile advertising solutions, enabling businesses to acquire and retain users more effectively.

GreedyGame’s PubScale has already enabled over 5000 apps, websites, and games to scale and generate revenue from their content. Today, it boasts over 15 premium demand partners. These events will provide an opportunity for the publishers and advertisers to also learn how to increase their eCPM by up to 40% and gain access to ad revenue optimization strategies. Additionally, GreedyGame provides consultation on policy violations to ensure that publishers are always in compliance with relevant regulations.

To learn more about GreedyGame’s offerings, meet the team at Programmatic I/O in Las Vegas, GamesBeat Summit in Los Angeles, and MAU Vegas in Las Vegas and discover strategies to optimize ad revenue and user acquisition campaigns.

About GreedyGame

GreedyGame was established in 2013 with a mission to revolutionize mobile advertising with a content-centric approach. Over the years, GreedyGame has expanded into a one-stop platform for publishers to gain users, maximize revenue, and gain valuable insights to improve their business growth. The company has set industry standards for engaging audiences and creating profitable ads. Currently, GreedyGame is a Google Channel Partner working with over 1500 publishers and 500+ advertisers. The company has recently launched Pubscale- an innovative and comprehensive AI-powered solution designed specifically for publishers. Pubscale serves as a one-stop platform for the growth and monetization of mobile apps and websites. The company has further extended support to young app developers and startups with Appicorns, providing best practices, insights, and marketing funds to grow their apps on their platform. The journey of GreedyGame has been a remarkable learning experience, with significant growth along the way.