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Groundbreaking ceremony of Raysut Cement’s 9MW waste heat recovery system held

Muscat: Raysut Cement Company (RCC), Oman’s largest cement manufacturer held a groundbreaking ceremony triggering the start of the construction of its new 9MW Waste Heat Recovery system in its main plant in Salalah, Oman.

The development of 9MW waste heat recovery system, a strategic expansion for the Muscat Stock Market (MSM)-listed RCC will complement the company’s leadership in cement manufacturing because it will support the company’s commitment for the reduction of carbon footprint by generating the power via utilising the waste hot gases from the existing plant.

The groundbreaking is a milestone for RCC. It will contribute significantly to our ambitious targets such as on reducing power consumption capacity by 25 per cent – 30 per cent, reduction in CO2 emission and above all significant reduction in water consumption ( reduction by more than 50 per cent of regular water consumption) resulting to direct environmental benefit and making the manufacturing process more energy efficient.

This project is considered one of the most important projects for supporting go green initiative, which will help the company to continue its high production capacity and at a lower energy cost.

Raysut Cement Company has engaged SINOMA Overseas Development Co., Ltd, China as an EPC contractor which has a long experience in this type of project.

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