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GTA VI concept trailer offers glimpse at potential graphics”


It’s been more than a year since Rockstar Games confirmed that they were working on the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but we still don’t have any official details about GTA VI.

Fan Made GTA 6 poster
Fan Made GTA 6 poster

The only thing we know for sure is that GTA VI is in development, as announced by Rockstar Games in February 2022. But since then, we’ve been left with nothing but speculation, rumours, and alleged leaks.

The gaming community don’t know when it will be released, what platforms it will be available on, what the story will be about, or what the gameplay will look like. They’re completely clueless!

The only thing we have to go on are some supposed gameplay footage that was leaked online, claiming to be from an early version of the game, and some rumours that suggest that GTA VI will take us back to Vice City and feature two main characters named Jason and Lucia, who are based on the infamous criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde.

But while gamers wait for any official news from Rockstar Games, they can still enjoy some fan-made content that gives them a taste of what GTA VI could be like.

One of them is a concept trailer created by TeaserPlay, a YouTube channel that makes amazing videos using Unreal Engine 5. The concept trailer shows us how GTA VI could look like with stunning graphics and lighting effects, such as ray-tracing, Lumen, Nanite, and Screen Space Reflections. The concept trailer also features locations inspired by Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas, giving us a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Unfortunately, this concept trailer is not playable and will never be, as it would get TeaserPlay in trouble with Rockstar Games’ legal team.

In other news, GTA VI might be delayed even further, and it might also be the most expensive video game ever made.

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Another fan-made content that caught netizens’ attention is a tribute video to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and its protagonist, Tommy Vercetti. The video was also made by TeaserPlay using Unreal Engine 5 and shows us how Tommy Vercetti would look like after 37 years since his rise to power in Vice City. The video shows him driving around the city in his iconic car, wearing a more mature outfit, and remembering his past adventures.

The video also uses clips from the original game from 2002 and pays homage to Ray Liotta, the voice actor of Vercetti who passed away in May 2022.

The video ends with an elderly Tommy Vercetti sitting in his mansion where he had his final showdown all those years ago.

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