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Guide To The Lunar Festival

In the real world, it’s the Year of the Rabbit, and celebrations worldwide are exploding with fireworks, seasonal food, and majestic lanterns. The art of World of Warcraft imitates life this time of year, and although it’s not the biggest holiday in the Azerothian calendar, there’s still plenty to eat, wear, slay, and blow up. This is one of the few events in WoW that hasn’t changed much despite various expansions, so with few exceptions, both Classic and retail players can use this guide.


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The date of the Lunar Festival changes every year, and the Rabbit has crossed the finish line earlier this time than others, which means that the seasonal vendors, the revered Elders, and their disciples have already set up their decorations in every major city and some smaller ones. Get dressed up and pay some respects to those that came before at WoW’s most beautiful event, the Lunar Festival.

The Lunar Festival in Classic WoW starts on January 20th and ends on February 10th. The retail version of the game starts four days later, on January 24th, and lasts until January 7th.

The Lore Of The Lunar Festival

The Lunar Festival would have to be connected to a place called Moonglade, but the connection is more than just a play on words. It’s a holiday that commemorates the defeat of the Burning Legion many thousands of years ago, and this event took place at the foot of Mount Hyjal, an important historic location next to Moonglade.

This is an ongoing battle in retail. Players in the more recent version of the game who opt to aid in the fight against the continued aggressions near Mount Hyjal are sent to Nighthaven, the main city in the zone, and travel from there to the battlefield.

Nighthaven is a realm of Druids, which means the population is made up of Tuarens and Night Elves, but this is a neutral location where all races are welcome. Players can visit this location whenever they want for the unique goods only available from the Druids, but the location in far-northern Kailmdor isn’t convenient.

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Unique Seasonal Items And Events

unique holiday clothes lunar festival wow

Like all of the holidays in WoW, this one also has a selection of unique accessories, recipes, and toys. There are two vendors in Nighthaven, and both are standing next to each other on a wooden patio on the east side of town.

  • Valadar Starsong: Sells Elune’s Candle along with seasonal foods and clothing. Dragons Head Costumes, crowns, lanterns, everlasting fireworks, and the Elder’s Hearthstone are other fun items in his inventory, but they’re only available in retail WoW.
  • Fariel Starsong: Can repair gear and sells Tailoring patterns along with Engineering schematics.

The vendors in the capital cities take regular gold, silver, and copper, but those in Nighthaven will only trade their wares for Coins of Ancestry.

  • The Elders: These are the wise old spiritual advisors of Azeroth, and they are Dwarves, Tauren, and Night Elves. They are scattered throughout Kalimdor, and visiting them is not only required for an Achievement but also rewards Coins of Ancestry, the currency of the Lunar Festival.
  • Fireworks: These can be purchased from holiday vendors or made by Engineers. Some are required to finish Achievements, and a special one is required to slay Omen. The schematics are available in Nighthaven for engineers who would prefer to build their own.
  • Omen: The seasonal boss, Omen, patrols through the southern part of Moonglade, sleeping beneath the waters of Lake Elune’ara and waking up at this time of year. It’s one of the easier open-world bosses with a small patrol area and no dungeon to run to find him.

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The Defeat Of Omen

omen moonglade wow

After accepting the quest offered by Valadar Starsong, the player should be able to summon Omen to finish the quest to gain Elune’s Blessing. Use the rocket launchers to fire off at least 20 clusters to summon Omen.

After his defeat, a pillar of light appears over his body, and the character has to interact with this to finish the quest. The player doesn’t have to be part of the group that kills Omen, nor do they have to participate in his slaying to do this.

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The Elder Title

elders lunar festival world of warcraft

There are 11 meta-achievements in Classic and 12 in retail to accomplish to get the Elder title. Finish them all, and the character will have enough Coins of Ancestry to buy as many fireworks as they want. Most are easily and quickly completed, but to honor the Elders, be prepared to do some traveling.

For those that are pursuing the World Explorer title, this is another Achievement that can be finished at the same time since the character has to travel around the world anyway.



Elders of Cataclysm (retail only)

Visit the nine Elders scattered throughout the realms of the Cataclysm expansion.

Elders of Kalimdor

Find the 21 Elders in the cities and wilds throughout the western continent.

Elders of the Eastern Kingdoms

There are 17 Elders in the Eastern Kingdoms waiting to give visitors a bow and Coins of Ancestry.

Elders of the Dungeons

13 Elders are hiding in 13 dungeons throughout Azeroth, and that includes the ones in Northrend and Outland, too.

Elders of the Horde

Visit the three Elders in the three major Horde cities.

Elders of the Alliance

Visit the three Elders in the three major Alliance cities.

Elders of Northrend

There are 18 Elders throughout Northrend waiting to impart their wisdom and Coins of Ancestry.

50 Coins of Ancestry

There’s also an Achievement for 25, but it’s not included in the ones needed for the title.

Lunar Festival Finery

It’s about buying one using the Coins of Ancestry instead of making one, so even tailors have to buy either a festive dress or pants-suit.

The Rocket’s Red Glare

In 25 seconds or less, set off at least 20 red cluster rockets, which are available at any seasonal vendor in the main cities.

Frenzied Firecracker

Fire off ten Festival Firecrackers in 30 seconds or less.

Elune’s Blessing

Defeat Omen in Moonglade and receive Elune’s Blessing along with a cool lantern and a box of fireworks.

World of Warcraft is available for PC.

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