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Gujarat 4th state after Rajasthan, Telangana, Karnataka to meet 2022 renewable energy targets: Report

Gujarat joined states like Rajasthan, Telangana and Karnataka in achieving its renewable energy targets for 2022, surpassing its targets in May 2022. Rajasthan overtook Gujarat in March this year with the most installed renewable energy.

In the first eight months of 2022, Rajasthan comprised 49 per cent of India’s new solar capacity whereas 63 per cent of the country’s new wind energy was built in Gujarat, according to a recent report by independent, not-for-profit climate and energy think tank Ember.

Going further, the report states that solar energy represented 89 per cent of new renewable energy installations in 2022 while wind energy installation went up only 7 per cent on-year and represents 10 per cent of all new renewables installations so far.

Commenting on the sectoral growth in India, Ember’s senior electricity policy analyst Aditya Lolla said, “India’s solar rush earlier this year shows how quickly change can come. It has even led to a record RE capacity addition of 3.5 GW in March this year. In order for India to achieve its ambitious 2030 RE and non-fossil capacity targets, the country needs to consistently hit this all-time record set in March.”

Despite all the optimism around the renewable energy sector, states like Uttar Pradesh (9.7 GW), Maharashtra (11.1 GW), Andhra Pradesh (9.2 GW) and Madhya Pradesh (6.5 GW) account for 61 per cent of the current shortfall in terms of installation, i.e. 58 GW.

The report underscored if these states continue at this rate, it would take 20 years for Maharashtra, 44 years for Andhra Pradesh, 55 years for Madhya Pradesh and 80 years for Uttar Pradesh to reach their December 2022 target. It further noted, “While India may not reach 175 GW RES by the end of 2022, its 2030 targets of 450 GW renewables and 500 GW non-fossil capacity are well within reach. However, it would require key states to seize their opportunity and address the barriers to renewables uptake to accelerate their renewables deployment and contribute to the success of national clean energy transition.”

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