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Healthcare inflation stopped by innovative treatment plans that include price lock guarantee

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The Food and Drug Administration recently changed its policy, allowing hearing aids to be purchased over the counter. This is huge for anyone with hearing loss, as it removes one more barrier to hearing treatment.

Unfortunately, one of those barriers to receiving healthcare in today’s economy is inflation. As of June 2022, inflation in the U.S. has reach a 40-year high of 9.1%. According to the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US Health Care Inflation Rate has risen 4.5%.

While everyone is hopeful that the rise will begin to drop year over year, economists are uncertain that this will occur. With the higher food and gas prices, every single household and business is impacted. Inflation is on the top of Excellence in Audiology patients’ minds.

The same factors that are driving inflation across the country are also impacting the healthcare scene which, unfortunately, means hearing healthcare also.

Employment is down, expenses are high, labor costs are high, and medical supplies have increased by over 20%. While the hearing experts work diligently to minimize their operational costs without affecting patient care, they are forced to increase our monthly treatment plan, all-inclusive with price-lock guarantee, by $10 per month.

It is their desire to ensure timely, efficient, and professional care, and unfortunately, they must increase the cost of the treatment plan in order to continue to provide the very best.

Having said all of that, their office understands the significant investment associated with hearing health care, including the hidden costs of not treating hearing loss. Excellence in Audiology offers their patients the most affordable payment plans to help them begin the medical treatment of hearing loss on day one.

The treatment program at their office is all inclusive and ensures that each patient always benefits greatly from the best options to treat his/her hearing loss and cognitive needs. The treatment plan includes access to significant benefits including full warranty coverage on treatment technology (together with loss, damage, and repair coverage for life), complete access to supplies, batteries, and service appointments. Most importantly, your monthly payment is inflation-proof and will never increase!

A patient’s hearing and cognitive needs will change over time and treatment technology will improve. With the treatment plan, patients are the priority!

Patients often ask, “What can happen if I put off treating my hearing loss?” There is strong evidence that untreated hearing loss can significantly increase the risk for a host of other chronic medical conditions including diabetes, tinnitus, dementia, and falls.

Dr. Darrow and his team look forward to continuing working with you as you endeavor towards healthy aging and the medical treatment of your hearing loss and associated cognitive needs.

About the doctor

Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD, CCC-A is a M.I.T. and Harvard Medical-trained neuroscientist and clinical audiologist. He is a professor at Worcester State University and Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care trainer. His book, “Preventing Decline,” is an #1 New Release and Best Seller.

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