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Here are all the thriving markets of Lucknow that will take you down a cultural lane!

One of the oldest standing markets, Chowk is probably the most resourceful the City of Nawabs will ever make you!

You can find all sorts of clothing, including the famous Chickankari shops, exotic jewellery and stones here, and what not! The food of Chowk is what makes Old Lucknow divine amongst foodies, and how!

The antique market is also known for the traditional Ittar (perfume), vibrant Nagra shoes and Mojris.

During Ramzaan, Chowk has a different resplendent glow and evokes peaceful and secular vibes. You will find people of all religions embracing each other, and having a good time. And, ladies and gentlemen, that is the beauty of Old Lucknow for you.

When in Chowk, you cannot possibly miss eating at Tunday Kababi or Idris Biryani. Rahim ki Nihari Kulche is the go-to dish for the food-lovers visiting Chowk.

Location: By the Bara Imambara. P.S. It remains closed on Thursdays.

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