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Here’s why Francesca Farago is unhappy with Perfect Match production team

Francesca Farago became famous after featuring on the Netflix reality TV show, Too Hot to Handle in 2020. Currently, she is a part of a new dating reality show named Perfect Match, which was launched recently. The first episode of the show premiered on February 14th, and it offers an enjoyable experience for the fans to binge watch. In a recent interview, Francesca Farago expressed her discontent with the production team of Perfect Match. She shared her disappointment with the editing of the show, which portrayed her in an unfavorable light. Farago also stated that she now regrets filming the series and that she did not get portrayed in a good manner. (Also read: Francesca Farago says boyfriend Jesse Sullivan got ‘upset’ after seeing Perfect Match: ‘he left the house but then…..’)

In a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Francesca talked about her perfect moments on the show, and said, “My best moments were hanging out with Kariselle Snow. I don’t have a favourite episode as I haven’t seen the episodes yet.” She expressed her fondness for Kariselle and shared, “We are still very close, and I love her to death.”

Expressing her displeasure over the series, she said, “I am not happy with the way the production edited the show. And the way they portrayed me, to be honest. I didn’t have any regrets after filming, but after hearing about the episodes, I had some regrets. The power of editing is real.”

In the latest episodes of the shows, she has dated a woman named, Abbey Humphreys, and two other men Dom Gabriel and Damian Powers. When she signed up for the dating show, she was not informed by the producers that she would have the chance to date both men and women. According to her, she brought up the idea during filming, as she felt it was something she wanted to explore. In a recent interview with Variety, she mentioned that producers did not inform her beforehand of the possibility of dating both sexes, but she was pleased that it was ultimately included in the show.

Joey Sasso, Nick Uhlenhuth, Ines Tazi, Shayne Jansen, Zay Wilson, Kariselle Snow, Chase DeMoor, Calvin Crooks, Izzy Fairthorne, and Bartise Bowden are among the contestants on Perfect Match trying to find their perfect matches.

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