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Hogwarts Legacy new mode lets you play as the one who shouldn’t be named

The Hogwarts Legacy gaming community has been abuzz since the release of a new mod that lets players take on the role of the infamous Lord Voldemort. Hogwarts Legacy mods

Although the modding community for Hogwarts Legacy is still relatively small, it hasn’t stopped them from creating some bizarre and entertaining additions to the game. One of the most peculiar mods replaced the iconic Hogwarts Express with Thomas the Tank Engine. As the modding community continues to grow, fans are excited to see what imaginative new features they will add to the game.

The Voldemort mod, created by a modder named Dego, has gained significant attention on YouTube. The mod features footage of Voldemort wreaking havoc around the Hogwarts grounds. The mod also replaces the player’s hands with Voldemort’s, creating a seamless experience. However, the mod does have its quirks, as players can still customize Voldemort using the game’s character creator. This has led to some humorous outcomes, such as giving Voldemort a head full of hair or accessorizing him with glasses.

While the mod is not perfect, there is potential for further developments. For instance, modders could potentially use AI-generated voice clips to change the protagonist’s voice to be more suitable for Voldemort. The success of other games such as Skyrim has shown that this is a possibility, as modders have added fully-voiced protagonists to the game.

As the modding community continues to experiment with Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche Software, the game’s developer, remains tight-lipped about future plans for the game. While the official line is that no DLC is in the works, the game’s financial success may change this in the coming months.

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If no DLC is released, it may be some time before players receive additional gaming content set in the Wizarding World. Nonetheless, the popularity of the game and the active modding community guarantee that fans of Hogwarts Legacy will have plenty of opportunities to explore the game’s world in creative ways.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with versions for PS4 and Xbox One launching on May 5th, and a Switch port scheduled for release on July 25th.

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