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Howie Mandel reacts to his elimination from The Masked Singer Season 9

Comedian Howie Mandel got evicted from the ninth season of The Masked Singer. In a new interview, he talked about his journey on the show. He called judges’ decision to eliminate him from the show was ‘wrong.’ He shared how the makers of the show approached him. He also mentioned the name of the celebrities whom he wished to see in The Masked Singer, future plans and overall experience on singing show, and more. (Also read: Sara Evans reacts to her elimination from The Masked Singer Season 9: ‘it wasn’t fair but then god knew what…..’)

In the second episode, three masked contestants tried their best to secure a place in the third episode, without disclosing their identities. Their costumes were Medusa, Rock Lobster, and Night Owl. Rock Lobster was eliminated following the individual round, whereas the other two performers continued to compete in the battle royale round. The Rock Lobster’s costume was worn by Howie. Debbie Gibson also got evicted and unmasked as ‘Night Owl.’

In a interview with Entertainment Weekly, Howie expressed his displeasure over leaving the show, and said, “I think that I really shone and my singing is impeccable. My dancing was… the other dancers couldn’t keep up. I felt like even with my singing, the music track couldn’t keep up with me rhythmically or even on key. But that didn’t stop me, because I’m a consummate professional. And I think the judges got it wrong in eliminating me, because I believe that I had so much more to offer, and I should have been in the finale, but to each their own.”

When asked if anyone had done the show before him, he shared, “No, no, I’m a lone wolf. I just got a call, and somebody said, “We want you to sing. We want you to dance.” And I said, “Yes.” And then they said, “It’s The Masked Singer, and you’ll be inside a lobster.” And I said, “Well, you know, I’ll do that, too, but I think it takes away from my singing and dancing.”

He continued, and talked about whom he would like to see next on the show and said, “But if I had to say who should do the show next, either Adele or Beyoncé. I mean, I’m just trying to think of people who are in the same league as me. You don’t want any less than what I gave. Either Adele or Beyoncé. That’s how I see myself.” He briefed his fans about his upcoming projects and said, “Well, the finale of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars is coming up. Canada’s Got Talent is coming up. I have my podcast with my daughter, Jackelyn Shultz, which is always the highlight of my week that I do.”

Howie Mandel, a renowned Canadian comedian, actor, and television personality, has established a remarkable presence in the entertainment industry for several decades. He was born on November 29, 1955, in Toronto, Canada, and initiated his career as a stand-up comedian during the 1970s. Mandel’s quick rise to fame led to him featuring in various television shows such as Make Me Laugh and The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

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