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hurricane ian: Will Hurricane Ian affect prices of food and gas in US?

Hurricane Ian, which had sustained winds of 150 mph, made its way to the west coast of Florida. According to experts and predictions, it is still not confirmed if Hurricane Ian will affect the cost of food and fuel in the USA.

Speaking to an audience in Washington, DC, US President Joe Biden warned oil and gas companies against raising prices while the storm was still raging. President Biden warned the oil industry not to exploit US residents or use it as an excuse to raise petrol prices.

According to industry experts who talked with ABC News, Americans shouldn’t have to worry about gas prices rising due to the hurricane because its path missed significant oil-producing regions like Texas and Louisiana.

What’s causing intense storms in recent years?

What’s causing intense storms in recent years?

Food and Oil Costs Will Not Rise

According to estimates, Florida produces only about 6,000 barrels of oil daily. It has no oil refineries, making up a relatively small part of the country’s total daily oil production of 11.8 million barrels.

Economists also predict hurricane Ian won’t lead to a significant rise in food prices because Florida is not a major food producer. According to industry analysts, Florida doesn’t play an essential role in the food sector. However, citrus fruit costs might rise.


Hurricane Ion in Florida will disrupt which sector?
Florida plays a significant role in the export of fertilizers and citrus fruits. Hence, these two sectors are expected to be disrupted.

Was the oil and gas market intensely affected?
As per estimates, no direct effect has been reported.

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