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I prefer Indie music over other platforms: Sidhant Kapoor

For composer-singer Sidhant Kapoor, grandson of legendary musician Mahendra Kapoor, medium has never been a matter of concern. Film music is surely on his mind but doing independent music that gives him an immense creative satisfaction.

Sidhant Kapoor

“I have worked on films, OTT and TV while my stay in Britain but all those projects have been as per directors’ vision. As a musician, I want to bring my own thoughts forward. And to do this, independent music is the best way out and I want to take the journey of singles and creating my own music forward to explore more. Today, we have so many platforms, so I don’t think there is a need to restrict to just one platform. I want to do interesting projects – it can be my own, films or any other medium.”

Kapoor, 31, recently came up with his Indie song Beparwah based on the poem Slum children at play by celebrated author Ruskin Bond.

“I met sir in Mussoorie and showed him my work. He allowed me to use his poem and I started working on it. I have known him through my maternal grandparents and have met him on several occasions. I recorded the poetry in sir’s own voice a year back and fused in my Hindi lyrics and composed the song. All this eventually took seven years to come out.”

The youngster has independently released the song. “I roped in AR Rehman sir’s world-famous Sunshine Orchestra, in which he has trained people from humble background for string section. The poem is about street children and their happiness despite facing all odds, so we have three amazing reality show performers Gunjan Sinha, Tejas Varma and Somansh Dangwal,” he shares.

The singer has also taken permission from the author to compose another poem It isn’t time that’s passing by, which is next on the list.

Talking about his professional journey he tells, “I studied at Trinity College in London and got many opportunities to compose for Ms Marvel (2022), OTT series The Good Place (2018), British soap opera Coronation Street, Spanish film Un Espejo En El Cielo (2012) by Oscar nominated director Iciar Bollain and more. Currently, I am working on a collaboration with a senior British composer.”

Remembering his grandfather he says, “In my growing years I have spent endless nights talking to him about music and experiences. At his age and stature, he still believed that learning should never stop. Dadaji told me to not to bother about other person’s shortcomings and learn good things from them. I have made those learnings my mantra of life today.”

The musician says composing music takes the front seat for him. “I love the process of composing and creating music, then comes singing and writing. My songs have been sung by my father Ruhan Kapoor, who is also an actor, along with other singers like Swaroop Khan, Puja Thacker and Jatinder Singh,” concludes Kapoor.

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