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Imran Khan reveals he had no idea that Katti Batti would be his last film | Bollywood

Imran Khan is sharing anecdotes about his career in Bollywood on Instagram. The actor has now shared the experience on his last film Katti Batti, which also starred Kangana Ranaut. He admitted that there was ‘pressure to deliver a successful film’ and shared that his ‘heart broke a little bit’ when the 2015 film flopped. (Also read: Imran Khan admits he took steroids to bulk up, was told ‘heroines look bigger than you’)

Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan in Katti Batti. (YouTube)

Imran’s latest Instagram post

Imran took to his Instagram account on Friday to share a bunch of pictures from the set of Katti Batti. The romantic comedy film, which was directed by Nikhil Advani, paired him opposite Kangana Ranaut. In one picture, he was seen behind the camera with Nikhil beside him. A second picture saw him saw him with the crew of the film in a goofy pose. In the caption, he began, “I’ve been dragging my feet as I got closer to posting Katti Batti. When we started shooting, I had no idea that it would be my last time facing the camera; I did know that it had been two years since my last outing, and the pressure to deliver a successful film was huge.” He talked about shooting the film in Flame University, Pune.

The actor further added how Kangana impressed everyone with her approach to the role. He said, “And what a great cast we had, there were so many talented people on set. Director @nikkhiladvani impressed me with his deft and seemingly effortless style of management. @kanganaranaut impressed everyone with her dedication to realism, diving deep into medical research for her character’s illness. @mipalkarofficial was so endearing that I still instinctively think of her as my little sister! And my onscreen bestie @sahabime is now part of my offscreen family.”

It’s easy to dismiss Katti Batti

Talking about the reception to the film, Imran said, “It’s easy to dismiss Katti Batti, because the premise is kind of far-fetched; a dying girl, desperate to shield the guy she loves from being hurt, orchestrates a massive lie to cover up her illness. Realistic? Maybe not. But there was something about Madhav that spoke to me. I saw him as an old-fashioned romantic, a guy who knows his heart. Surrounded by people who are concealing the truth and trying to gaslight him, his love for Payal is unshakeable; even as the world around him starts to crumble, he holds his course, following his North Star. He wants every second of time he can have with the one he loves.”

He ended his caption by adding his reaction to the film performing poorly at the box office. “I poured my heart into Maddy, hoping that his strength of conviction would resonate with viewers. And I think my heart broke a little bit when the film bombed immediately upon release.” he said.

Imran has taken a long break from acting but gave new hope to his fans after promising them that he would sign a project if they gave enough likes to one of his posts on Instagram.

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