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india: India’s own clothing size chart to be out soon

New Delhi: India is likely to roll out in the next three months a size chart for clothing that is specific to Indian consumers’ measurements, on the lines of the standardised sizes available in the US and the UK. Officials said that the IndiaSize project aims to help garment manufacturers to tailor their cuts closer to the actual body types of Indian consumers and reduce imports. A similar exercise is being done for footwear also.

“The IndiaSize project is in advanced stages of completion. We plan to launch it in 2-3 months,” said an official.

India’s readymade garment exports in FY23 were $16.1 billion, up 1.1% on-year. Imports of apparel and clothing accessories in FY23 were $941.83 million, up 42% on-year.

“The India sizes would be customised as per Indian body sizes based on parameters such as the waist to legs ratio. Their fit will be better. They maybe closer to UK size,” said Randeeep Singh Arora, head, new business initiatives at Gokaldasexports Acharpura Private Limited.

Industry representatives said companies catering to the domestic market can make clothes based on these new fitting easily than those meant for exports. Once in place, the Indian sizes would be mentioned in the description of clothes where the US, the UK and the EU sizes are mentioned at present.

“This will bring uniformity and consistency in sizes, and give better fitting clothes to consumers,” said Sanjay K Jain, managing director, TT Limited.

While casual wear could be the first apparel segment with a standardised India size chart, the exercise will be key for sectors such as fitness and sport, automotive and aerospace where ergonomically designed products well suited for the Indian population are important.

“Industry wanted a uniform size for clothes sold in India. We are doing this for clothes and shoes as we are used to foreign sizes till now,” said another official.

Japan and China also have their own sizes, which are suited for their domestic market.

India’s total textile and apparel export was around $36 billion in FY23 and the target is to achieve $100 billion in the next 5-6 years, taking the combined value of the sector along with domestic consumption to $250 billion.

Market research firm IMARC Group has pegged India’s textile and apparel market to reach $387.3 billion by 2028.

However, industry cited the challenge of diversity in body sizes across various regions in the country and products besides their mapping and categorisation that would need to be overcome.

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