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India: Jammu & Kashmir to emerge as model of digital government, claims officials

India: Jammu & Kashmir to emerge as model of digital government, claims officials

Jammu and Kashmir, India: The government of Jammu and Kashmir, Union Territory of India, has been planning to emerge as a model of digital government in the country. The authorities have expressed that the prime focus will be on a transparent and accountable governance system. This announcement has been made following the government’s aim to establish a place/ system allowing people to have high-quality services anytime and anywhere.

Asian News International (ANI), a local news agency in India, has released that, as per the official statement, the system has been becoming transparent with the interventions of Information Technology and various digital initiatives adopted by the government. The statement also informed that such measures would help streamline the public service delivery system, helping the welfare of the common masses.

Solid Technical Architecture at the citizen’s service has helped Jammu and Kashmir in the achievement of several milestones. It has also caused speedy development as the new identity of the territory. The statement further stated that the foremost objective of the government is “line to online”. While elaborating, it read that this idea will provide convenience to the people as instead of reaching the government offices, the general public can use digital mode to avail of services provided by the government.

It further shared the statics and stated that the government had provided more than 440 online services, including a majority of the commonly availed services. The statement added that the government, along with the associated ministries, has been working to adopt such services which will help the people and they don’t have to visit physically to any of the government offices.

The statement added that around 411 online services had been offered by the Planning Department, out of which 33 services are integrated into Rapid Assessment System. Additionally, out of the total (411), some 195 services has a feedback system already, and 103 services will be going to make RAS complaint shortly.

Along with this, Arun Kumar Mehta, serving as the Chief Secretary, has stated that contactless administration will ensure not only transparency and accountability but also swiftness. He further claimed that as per the vision of the LG Administration, technology happens to be a cure-all for the evils and J-K envisages operating the IT/ITes for optimum empowerment of its population.

The statement of the government of Jammu and Kashmir has also claimed that the auto-appeal synchronisation for the service provided to a few departments has shown 99 percent result of disposed of applications within the stipulated time frame according to the Public Services Guarantee Act (PSGA). As per the statement, it will not only ensure the timely delivery of services but will also penalise those who will fail to perform their duty.

The government has ordered the stakeholders to formulate short goals of three to six months. Along with this, long-term visions will be adopted to transform core ICT infrastructure, governance and services like accessibility and ease of living. The government will also adopt innovations to transform Jammu and Kashmir into a digitally empowered society.


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