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Indian Railways operations hit for hours as Brahmaputra mail hits bull | Railways News

Following 15658 Brahmaputra Mail’s collision with a bull, the overhead equipment (OHE) on the Delhi-Howrah train line broke, causing a 10-hour disruption in rail traffic. The train struck the animal close to the Bharwari railway station in the district as it was travelling from Dibrugarh to Delhi. According to Bharwari station superintendent D N Yadav, all train uplines were stopped following the event at 8.50 p.m. on Friday night while a railway team fixed the line leading to the incident from Prayagraj. After ten hours, rail service was then resumed.

The incident took place about 2km before the Bharwari railway station, after which the engine driver somehow brought the train to platform number two of the station. Many major trains, including Lichchavi Express, Mahabodhi Express, and Purushottam Express, were stopped at previous stations.

The line was repaired by a team of the Electrical Department of Railways, which reached there from Prayagraj with a power wagon. The engine of Brahmaputra Mail had also developed some technical snag, Yadav said, adding that no one was hurt in the incident.

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