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Indian Railways shares pics of Chenab Bridge, its beauty enchants netizens | Trending

The Indian Railways recently took to Twitter to share stunning pictures of the Chenab Bridge located over the Chenab River in Jammu and Kashmir. And the breathtaking images of the world’s highest railway bridge, which is even taller than the Eiffel tower, have enchanted netizens. There are chances that it may fascinate you as well.

“A sight of the breathtakingly beautiful Chenab Bridge,” wrote the Ministry of Railways while sharing the photos. The pictures show the arch of the under-construction railway bridge towering over clouds, the sun shining brightly over it and its magnificent arch against the picturesque mountains.

Take a look at the stunning photos below:

Since being shared a day ago, Chenab Bridge photos have received more than 14,600 likes. It has also received thousands of retweets and numerous comments.

“A true global standard project – something Indians should be proud of. Great execution,” posted a Twitter user. “When Engineering meets Clouds, Dreams come true,” wrote another. “Remarkable achievement of Indian Engineers. Salute to all concerned,” expressed a third. “Just imagine how much challenges they faced while building. . great work, kudos,” remarked a fourth.

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