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Indian Railways’longest freight train ‘Vasuki’ sets a new record. See photos

Indian Railways’ South Eastern Central Railway(SECR) zone has created another when it operated the longest freight train on the Indian Railways network.

“SECR Raipur division for the first time amalgamated five rakes of freight coaches from Bhilai D Cabin till Korba which falls under the Bilaspur division,” according to a statement by the Railways.”

The total length of the freight train was around 3.5 kilometers after joining the five rakes and it was named ‘Vasuki’. The distance between Bhilai to Korba is 224 kilometers and the freight train named ‘Vasuki’ covered the whole distance with five rakes of a freight train.

Long haul freight train 'Vasuki'

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Long haul freight train ‘Vasuki’

Railways operate the long haul as it helps in the effective management of railway crew who are involved in the running of the freight trains and also helps in quicker transportation of goods.

SECR on 22 January operated the long haul rake of five freight trains named ‘Vasuki’with the help of one loco pilot, one assistant loco pilot, and one guard.

The train took around seven hours to covered the distance from Bhilai D cabin to Korba railway station.

Long haul freigh train Vasuki

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Long haul freigh train Vasuki

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal shared a video of this long haul freight train on Twitter.

Earlier, Indian Railways’ South East Central Railway(SECR) zone has recently operated two freight trains which garnered a lot of eyeballs due to their massive length. The two freight trains were named as ‘Super Anaconda’ and ‘Sesh Naag’

The first was a fully loaded three rake combined frieght train which was named ‘Super Anaconda’ and it was followed by a 2.8km long four empty BOXN rakes train combined together which was named ‘Sesh Naag’.

SECR operated’ Sesh Naag’ from the Nagpur division to the Bilaspur division which travelled a total distance of 260 km.All the rakes were combined at the Parmalkasa station at Chattisgarh and travelled till Korba for the loading of coal. A total of 251 empty wagons was transported between both the sations with the help of four electric locomotives.

SECR also successfully operated 177 loaded wagons with three freight trains combined together between Lajkura & Raurkela in Odisha and termed it as ‘Super Anaconda’.

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