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Innovations in Healthcare Take Center Stage at Doctor’s Conclave Organized by Center for Health Innovations, Manav Rachna & Indian Medical Association


  • Dr. Dinesh Gupta, President of IMA Faridabad, highlighted the significance of collaboration between the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and CHI in advancing healthcare.

  • The event emphasized on the latest technological advancements in healthcare worldwide, underlining their implications for providing superior care and treatment to patients. 


Manav Rachna Center for Health Innovations (CHI) in association with The Indian Medical Association – Faridabad, recently hosted a prestigious Doctor’s Conclave. This remarkable event brought together leaders and experts from the fields of medicine, engineering, and management to explore groundbreaking innovations in healthcare. The conclave provided a platform to discuss the future of healthcare, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and technological advancements in the medical sector.


Team of Centre for Health Innovations and Manav Rachna in the august presence of Prof. Prashant Jha, Chairman, CHI and Mr Rajiv Kapoor, MD MREI and CEO MRVPL at the prestigious Doctor’s Conclave


The event commenced with a warm welcome by Prof. Maneesha Singh, Director, CHI, who set the tone for an evening filled with insightful discussions on healthcare innovation. Dr. Maneesha also highlighted the critical role of innovation in the healthcare sector.


Prof. Prashant Jha, Chairman, CHI, and a prominent figure in the industry, took the stage to introduce the Center for Health Innovations (CHI), shedding light on its vision and purpose. Through an engaging presentation, Dr. Jha outlined CHI’s mission to unite medical professionals, engineers, and management experts on a single platform. The aim is to foster creative and innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. He provided real-life examples that underscored the impact of these innovations on patient care.


Dr. Dinesh Gupta, President of the IMA Faridabad Chapter, welcomed all dignitaries and honored them with momentos. During his address, he emphasized the collaborative vision shared by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and CHI, stressing the significance of working together to advance healthcare.


Dr. Veena Singh delivered an enlightening speech on the technological advancements shaping the global healthcare landscape. She highlighted the profound implications of these advancements for providing enhanced care and treatment to patients.


The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Dr. Harsh, expressing gratitude to all participants. Attendees had the opportunity to network and build valuable collaborations during a delightful dinner, further strengthening the bonds within the healthcare community.


The Center for Health Innovations (CHI) is a collaborative platform that brings together engineers, doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs to deliver better healthcare solutions. CHI operates under five key innovation pillars: Maternal & Child Care, Mental Health, Affordable Medical Devices, Health Data Intelligence, and Sports & Wellness.


The Doctor’s Conclave underscored the commitment of healthcare professionals and experts to drive innovation in the medical field. With organizations like CHI and IMA sharing a common vision, the future of healthcare holds promise, with cutting-edge technologies and collaborative efforts leading the way.


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