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iPhone 15 mania: Huge crowds, long queues, scuffles as Apple fans rush to stores


As Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone Series 15 made its entry into stores on Friday, it set off a worldwide frenzy among eager customers.

iPhone 15 Series in-store purchase began on Friday.
iPhone 15 Series in-store purchase began on Friday.

In Dubai, the excitement was so palpable that the Apple store at Dubai Mall had to be secured a day prior to the official iPhone 15 launch. Security personnel were tasked with urging a huge rush of enthusiastic shoppers to consider visiting on subsequent dates or exploring online booking options, as reported Khaleej Times.

Videos show rush in Dubai Apple store

Social media platforms became flooded with videos depicting seemingly endless queues of individuals, all brimming with anticipation to become the early owners of the new iPhone. Some videos even captured altercations between customers and store management.

The authenticity of all the videos could not be verified independently by Hindustan Times.

Tech aficionados from countries including India, Pakistan, and Europe are going to Dubai just to purchase iPhone 15.

Pricing in India and Dubai:

iPhone 15: The device is offered in three storage capacities (128GB, 256GB, 512GB) with prices starting at 79,900, 89,900, and 1,09,000, respectively. In Dubai, the starting price is approximately 76,700.

iPhone 15 Plus: With the same three storage options, it is priced at 89,900, 99,900, and 1,19,000, respectively. In Dubai, the base variant starts at 85,700.

iPhone 15 Pro: This model comes in four storage configurations (128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB) and is priced at 1,34,900 (128GB), 1,44,900 (256GB), 1,64,900 (512GB), and 1,84,900. In Dubai, customers can buy this model starting at 97,000.

iPhone 15 Pro Max: Available in three storage configurations (256GB, 512GB, 1TB) and priced at 1,59,900, 1,79,900, and 1,99,900, respectively. The base variant of this model costs around 1,15,000 in Dubai.

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Indian Apple fans queue to be early buyers

In India, the excitement among Apple fans also reached a fever pitch. Apple stores in BKC, Mumbai, and Saket, New Delhi, were swarmed by early buyers, with crowds forming even before the stores opened their doors. One customer from Ahmedabad said that he waited for 17 hours outside the Mumbai Apple store to secure the very first iPhone 15.

In another incident, the Delhi Police took legal action after a scuffle broke out between customers and mobile shop employees, allegedly due to a delay in providing an iPhone 15 to a customer in the Kamla Nagar area of Delhi.

Hundreds of people greet the Australian Apple store

A queue of several hundred people formed outside Apple’s flagship Australian store even in the early morning. MD Badsha Bulbul, who had arrived at 11 pm the previous night and waited for 9 hours, became the world’s first customer at an Apple Retail store to purchase the iPhone 15, 9 News reported.


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