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Is Lombardo’s appointee the right choice for Nevada’s renewable energy future?

This opinion column was submitted by Sandra Koch, MD, a Carson City resident.

Is Governor Lombardo’s appointee, Karen Haller of Southwest Gas Holdings, really going to work to transition the Nevada’s energy sources towards renewable energy?

Choosing Haller, president and chief executive officer of Southwest Gas Holdings Inc, as the leader of the transition team on energy seems an odd choice for a state with a goal to reduce Nevada’s carbon footprint. Southwest Gas and its holding company make their money from selling methane (natural) gas. They advocate for the expansion of the infrastructure to add new natural gas customers in Nevada. A quick search of Karen Haller did not yield any information about her beliefs related to the science of climate change. However, her 25 years working for Southwest Gas certainly shows a long-term association with a group that is denying the contribution that burning methane gas plays in health harms and carbon pollution.

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